25 January 2018

Launching in Ireland with Four Corners Distribution

The Five Points Launches in Ireland: Independent and unfiltered beer from London, hitting Irish pubs, bars and shops in 2018!

The Five Points launches in Ireland this February. We’re kicking off our new partnership with Four Corners, the superb Dublin-based distributor of craft beer and cider in Ireland. Five freshly-brewed beers have been collected from our Hackney warehouse this week, ready to launch on Irish bar tops and shelves early next month.

We’re really excited to find our feet in the Irish beer community which, like the UK, we have found to be diverse and welcoming, eclectic and exciting, and bursting with enthusiastic brewing professionals and keen beer drinkers alike.

It’s incredibly important to us that our beers are enjoyed at their best, which is why all of the beers going over to Ireland have been brewed within three weeks of dispatch. Some, like our hop-forward and tropical XPA, will be canned the day before the Four Corners collection team arrives. Tasty, aromatic and full of flavour beers.

We want to continue to champion independence and beautifully crafted beers, working alongside our peers in the Irish beer industry to bang the drum for well-made and interesting brews. With boots on the ground, provided by our new Ireland Account Manager Francesca Slattery, we’re fully committed to supporting our accounts and collaborating with other breweries to help see the growing success of the craft/indy industry in Ireland continue to thrive and flourish.

A Five Points presence

In Autumn last year, our London Account Manager Francesca relocated over to Dublin and became our brewery ambassador for Ireland. Since joining the Five Points team over two years ago, her enthusiasm, hard work, and fantastic beer knowledge after successfully becoming Beer Sommelier accredited, have made a significant contribution to the team.

Alongside tasting events, beer and food pairing dinners – and participation in festivals and podcasts – Francesca is on a mission to bring new beer to Ireland’s drinkers, and bring new Irish drinkers to beer. After the Five Points launches in Ireland, she’ll be representing the brewery as she travels all four corners of the country to meet with producers, retailers, educators and drinkers.

“For me, beer is nothing but a global drink. All over the world right now there are so many diverse and delicious things being brewed which, as a beer drinker, are a joy to explore. To seek out well-made and beautiful beers, and to get behind independent and community-focused breweries, is what it’s all about. Whether it’s produced down the road, or flown over the water, championing quality brews and supporting good businesses is how we see this talented and friendly community of ours thrive. I can’t wait to discover all the delights I know Ireland has to offer.”

The Beers

The Five Points Brewing Co by www.marknewtonphotography.co.uk

XPA, 4% Available in: Can + Keg
Light and tropical extra pale ale with assertive hop bitterness and aromas of mango and passionfruit. Even paler and hoppier than our legendary Five Points Pale, and the 4% ABV makes it extra drinkable, too!
Hops: Citra, Galaxy | Malts: Low Colour Maris Otter, Golden Naked Oats, Wheat

Pale, 4.4% Available in: Can
Our fresh, modern, and aromatic flagship Pale Ale. Its citrus, resinous notes make it a perfectly easy drinking beer for any occasion.
Hops: Amarillo, Citra | Malts: Maris Otter, Pale Cara, Munich, Wheat

IPA, 7.1% Available in: Can
Juicy and full-flavoured, white grape and passionfruit flavours combine thanks to the Pacific Coast hops. Indulgent and decadent.
Hops: Cascade, Galaxy | Malts: Golden Promise, Pale Cara, Wheat

Hook Island Red, 6% Available in: Bottle + Keg
A full-bodied Red Ale brewed with rye malt, giving this beer peppery, dry notes. The hops add a dash of resinous pine and bitterness.
Hops: Chinook, Columbus, Simcoe | Malts: Maris Otter, Pale Rye, CaraRed, Munich, Melanoidin, Crystal Rye, Carafa Special III

Brick Field Brown, 5.4% Available in: Bottle
Our take on the traditional English brown ale, coupled with floral USA hops. Robust body with earthy aromas and flavours of demerara, smooth oak and hazelnuts.
Hops: Willamette | Malts: Maris Otter, Amber, Golden Naked Oats, Crystal (Light), Brown, Crystal (Dark) and Chocolate

Launch Party at The Underdog Pub!


Five Points in Ireland kicks off with a launch party at craft beer beacon The Underdog Pub on Dame Street in Dublin, on Thursday 1 February. Beers will be pouring on cask and keg, alongside some treats from the fridges. Our Director Ed Mason and Head Brewer Greg Hobbs will be flying over for the occasion so it promises to be good craic!

We will also be making our Cork city debut at quality beer house Abbot’s Ale House on Thursday 15 February. Francesca will be there to meet with folks and enjoy a pint or two of the whole range in Ireland, plus a keg of something special.

We’re delighted to be pouring as part of the Four Corners stand at AllTech Craft Brews & Food Fair in Dublin, 8 – 10 March. We’ll be serving at least 4 of our beers alongside our London pals Beavertown Brewery, and US brewing icons Stone and Ballast Point.

We cannot wait for the Five Points to launch in Ireland. 2018 promises to be a fun one.


Feel free to contact Francesca directly at francesca@fivepointsbrewing.co.uk or online @FCSlattery

You can listen to her recent podcast with the IrishBeerSnob blog here, discussing the challenges and opportunities currently facing us all as beer makers, sellers and drinkers.

19 January 2018

The Five Points Annual Charity Partnership Scheme

We’re pleased to announce The Five Points Annual Charity Partnership Scheme. Our first charity partnership of the year is The Hackney Winter Night Shelter


Over the course of 2018, like years gone before, The Five Points Brewing Company will continue to strive to be a socially responsible business and employer. Since we began in 2013, part of our ethos has always been that businesses have a responsibility to contribute to both the local and wider community around them. This year, however, we are improving our Charity and Community Support Policy.

Firstly, all of our staff members will be given a day’s paid leave to work on a charity or community project of their choosing. Secondly, we are initiating a new annual charity partnership scheme, where we will be partnering with two charities local to us, supporting their great work with fundraising efforts throughout the year.

We are very proud to announce that our first charity partnership of 2018 is with the Hackney Winter Night Shelter.

For seven nights a week across six months of the year, the Hackney Winter Night Shelter (HWNS) provides a hot meal and a warm bed for homeless guests who would otherwise be out on the street. Running from November until March during the coldest winter months, the shelter provides a lifeline for the homeless of Hackney, offering professional and holistic support to help guests rebuild their lives.

More people are on the street in the UK than ever before. In November 2017, the housing charity Shelter published Far from Alone: Homelessness in Britain in 2017. Over the course of 2016-17, Britain’s homeless population increased by 13,000 people, with the total figure of homeless people estimated at over 300,000. That’s one person in every 200 across the UK, and, in some areas such as our borough of Hackney, this statistic increases to one person in every 44.

According to Shelter, Hackney has the 10th highest rates of homelessness in the country. As a business that calls this borough home, it’s incredibly important for us to support the HWNS’s vision of providing a safe route out of homelessness for everyone in need in our area. Over the next few months, the Five Points will be fundraising for the Hackney Winter Night Shelter, and some of our staff will be volunteering their services for the charity.

Our first event is the (now sold-out) Tryanuary Hackney Beer Hop, on Saturday, 27th January, where we’ll visit five Hackney Wick beer-spots, including our brewery tap Mason & Company. All proceeds from tickets, the raffle, and donations on the day will be gifted to the Hackney Winter Night Shelter. Look out for more fundraising events across the year – we hope to see you for a few merry beers to help us support a really worthy cause.

If you would like to volunteer your services for the HWNS, the shelter is run almost entirely by volunteers so they would love to hear from you! You can fill in an application form here, and email to volunteer@hwns.org.uk.

The Five Points Team

29 December 2017

A Year in Beer 2017

A Year in Beer according to the Five Points Brewing Company


So! Another year is drawing in and we’re looking ahead to 2018. But, before we clock off for the year and crack open a few to celebrate this New Year’s Eve hurrah, we wanted to take a look back at some of the favourite moments of the year almost gone, and tell you a little about what we have on the horizon for the next.


We got more space!

In April this year we secured Arch 440, the archway next-door to our Institute Place brewing site. This space now houses our new barrel ageing project (more details and first release coming in 2018) and has freed up space in our original brewing site, Arch 441. In October this year we had planning permission approved for expansion in the yard, where we will be installing three new 60BBL fermentation vessels this Spring.  Each tank will be able to hold three brews from the brewhouse. This, coupled with a few changes we’re making to the set-up of our brewhouse and plans for a centrifuge next year, will double our annual capacity over 2018. We hope that this will enable us to bring all our production back in house in Hackney. At the time of writing, we’re on course to have brewed over two million pints this year.


We did lots of #FivePointsonTour

We hosted and took part in over 120 events in 2017, spanning the length and breadth of the country. (Bristol, Cardiff and Glasgow – we’re coming for you in 2018!) Thanks to all the venues, festivals, breweries and event partners for inviting us along and showing us such a good time. Particular shout-outs go to The Free Trade Inn for being spectacularly nice folks, Liverpool Craft Beer Expo for their fantastic hospitality, and The Smithfield Tavern for drinking all that Derailed Porter with us before (and after) Indy Man Beer Con. And, not forgetting the lovely Marble Brewery and The Marble Arch for those incredible cheesy chips and gravy post-Indy Man, Wylam Brewery and New Wave Distribution for the cracking beer celebration that was Craft Beer Calling, and Leeds International Beer Festival which was a whole lot of fun, too! Oh! And the Christmas party Mason & Company threw a couple weeks back with Duration Brewing and Verdant Brewing Co… Well, the list could go on.  


We made a Cat Beer!

Colloquially and fondly known as ‘Cat Beer’ among Five Points staff and friends, Field Day Citrus Pale marked the second beer we have brewed for probably our favourite London festival. Featuring the (now famous) furry friends Scooby, Astrid, Noodles, Ludo and Polly, and containing loads and loads of zest from our friends over at Square Root Soda, our cat-can printed pale ale joined our permanent can-offering this year. Fun fact: in 2016, an alternatively named ‘Ten Points Extra Pale’ became the now permanent XPA. 


We worked with our fellow beer peers

We’re really proud to have worked with over 60 of London’s incredible independent breweries over 11 events on behalf of the London Brewer’s Market this year. Highlights of the market schedule have included the Field Day London Brewer’s Market in June and the Horniman Museum and Gardens Christmas Night Market in December. We’re looking ahead to a big year for LBM in 2018, including some out-of-London excursions, excitingly. In November, we organised a Living Wage Brewer’s Beer Festival at our bar and brewery tap, Mason & Company. The event celebrated the close of Living Wage Week with 12 different Living Wage accredited breweries pouring on the taps across the weekend, and the reception and feedback was really lovely. Cheers, everyone! 


We brewed our first green-hopped beer (and celebrated cask ale!)

Visiting Hukins Hops  in August this year during the Bullion hop harvest was a special moment, as was brewing the Green Hop Bitter with kilos of wet Bullion hops just hours after harvesting from the bines. Thank you to Fuggles Beer Cafe Tonbridge for launching the Green Hop for us, and we’re pleased to say that Green Hop 2018 is definitely happening. In a year which has seen several high-profile breweries cease or scale down their cask production, we’re happy to have taken a bit of time to celebrate our cask ale, and we threw five Cask Parties across the country – in Newcastle, Kent, London, Manchester and Leeds. 


We drank and enjoyed these…

We’d like to give some shout outs to our beer-peers for all of their cracking brews this year, although there’s far too many to mention here. But, a special mention has to go to Lost & Grounded for their stomping beers this year – and, the hospitality shown to us on our team trip to Bristol Beer Week from themselves, Moor Beer and Wiper and True, too. We have wholeheartedly enjoyed many, many pints of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord each and every time we’re in Leeds at Whitelocks Ale House. Shout-outs also go to Kernel and Redemption for that tasty Victorian Mild at Pig’s Ear Festival earlier in the month, Gadd’s Green Hop enjoyed at a cosy Kentish pub this October, Wylam’s Barrel Aged Wee Heavy, Left Handed Giant’s Heavy Water and Flemish Red, so many tasty beers from Wild Beer and many, many more. 


We’re stocking in Ireland for the first time

We’re really pleased to be partnering with Four Corners in the New Year, and we’ll be working with this fantastic distribution arm to bring our cans and bottles over to Ireland for the very first time. Our Sales and Account manager Francesca, who has recently relocated to Dublin, will be heading up the Five Points over there. We’ll be officially launching in a couple months time, and joining their cracking portfolio which includes the likes of Stone Brewing Co, Brasserie de la Senne, Beavertown and To Ol.


Five Points Turns Five

We’re very excited to be celebrating our fifth birthday next year! To mark this milestone in our brewery’s history, we will be hosting Five Points Turns Five at our brewery in April. We will plan, brew and release five different collaboration beers with five different breweries for the occasion, with more to follow across the year. More details and announcements to come in 2018.


2018 for The Five Points Brewing Company…

Across the coming year, we will continue to commit resources to community growth and support, in both our local area and beer industry. In 2018 we’ll be partnering with two charities local to us: the Hackney Winter Night Shelter and the Hackney Food Bank. We’ll also be working to raise awareness within our industry of the support offered by The Benevolent, the drinks industry charity, and we’re continuing our work on behalf of the London Brewer’s Market, to champion and encourage London’s independent brewing talent. We’ve also been involved in the imminent establishment of a brand new National Apprenticeship Standard for Brewers, a culmination of work by brewers and brewing industry professionals from around the country. More news to come in the New Year.

Over 2018, we hope to continue to grow, invest and improve; learning from our peers and industry, positively influenced by the seasons of changing tastes, while unafraid to continue to forge our own path. We’d like to say thank you to everyone who has bought, drank and enjoyed our beers across 2017 and our awesome team who make it all possible.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and Many Happy Beery Returns.

The Five Points Brewing Company

27 July 2017

London Beer City 2017: A Celebration of Beer

London Beer City kicks off a week today on Thursday, the 3rd of August, and runs through until Sunday, the 13th, with beer events going on all throughout the city.

London Beer City Beer

Within that time, there will be a phenomenal array of events celebrating beer in this town, with everything from tap takeovers, beer and food pairings, brewery open days, talks and an epic Battle of the Bottle Shops. Not only that, the week is bookended by two world-class beer festivals: London Craft Beer Festival and Great British Beer Festival.

As keen purveyors of beer and fun times, we at The Five Points are getting pretty stuck in to the beer week, alongside our Hackney Wick brethren Mason & Company. Here’s a run-down of what we both are up to during London Beer City:

London Beer City Opening Party at Mason & Company: Thursday, 3 August


Kicking off the whole citywide frenzy of beer will be the London Beer City Opening Party at Mason & Company on Thursday, the 3rd of August. This will be the first chance to try the two limited edition collaborative brews for the week (more on that in a bit), which will be on pour alongside some of the best beers in the country!

There’s going to be great festive feels from DJs including the legendary Bradley Hall, plus a parade of Parm and other delights from the Capish? Street Food kitchen.

The London Beer City Opening Party is free entry and all are welcome. The North and South London Beer City collab beers will be on pour from 7pm, but head there early for food and a huge, huge selection of exceptional drinks to get stuck into.

Five Points at London Craft Beer Festival: Friday through Sunday, 4-6 August

London Craft Beer Festival

We’ll be holding it down at London Craft Beer Festival alongside a great crew of other brewers at the so-called East London Brewers Bar, but really it is and forever will be known as the LCBF Party Bar. Seriously, we’ve made a hashtag so it’s 100% legit. We are bringing top beer and top vibes alongside Affinity Brew Co., Crate Brewery, Hackney Brewery, 40FT, Anspach & Hobday, Signature Brew and Redemption Brewing. So come along for some of the best beer and bantz at the festival!

Mason & Company Yorkshire Beer Hub for London Beer City: 4-13 August

In a nod to our Northern family in Leeds, Whitelock’s Ale House and The Turk’s Head, Mason & Company are the Yorkshire Beer Hub for London Beer City throughout the week. Expect a wonderful selection from breweries such as Magic Rock Brewing, Northern Monk Brew Co, Kirkstall Brewery, Roosters Brewery, Ilkley Brewery, North Brewing Co. and more.

Five Points Presents Newer Brewers & Talks: Saturday, 5 August


As part of our Summer Tap Saturdays, we are dedicating our guest lines at our Summer Tap to some newer London (and near enough!) breweries on Saturday, the 5th for Five Points Presents Newer Brewers. Come and enjoy beer from Affinity Brew Co., Villages, Elusive Brewing, Solvay Society and others, plus get a first taste of our international collaborative beer with Eternal City Brewing: Brit Pop!

We are also hosting a panel discussion on How to Get a Gig in Beer at 2pm, with confirmed industry titans including Archie Village from Villages and Stephanie Palgrave-Elliot from Caps & Taps. It’s free to attend, so rock up and learn how these folks got stuck into beer.

Whitelock’s Yorkshire Takeover at Mason & Company: Monday, 7 August


Don’t mess with Yorkshire! Whitelock’s Ale House, the oldest pub in Leeds, will take over Mason & Company on Monday, the 7th of August, for a proper Northern knees-up! There’ll be a particularly special line-up of Yorkshire breweries on the bar poured by legends among the Whitelock’s staff.

The beer on draught will feature plenty of limited-edition beers, with many folks from the breweries themselves up for a chat and relaxed Meet the Brewer action.

Great British Beer Festival: Tuesday through Saturday, 8-12 August

The Five Points will be at the London Beer City bar at the Great British Beer Festival alongside Redemption Brewing and Windsor & Eton Brewery. Among the beer we’ll have on cask throughout the festival is an ultra-rare cask of Field Day Citrus Pale, alongside stalwarts of our cask range Five Points Pale and Railway Porter.

London Beer City Closing Party at The Five Points Summer Tap: Saturday, 12 August


We are throwing the closing shin-dig for London Beer City at our Summer Tap’s Yard on Saturday, the 12th of August. Enjoy beer across four bars from 16 of London’s best breweries including Beavertown Brewery, The Kernel Brewery, One Mile End, Pressure Drop Brewing, The Redchurch Brewery, Fourpure Brewing and ourselves. Capish? Street Food will be serving up saucy sandwiches from their container kitchen, and there will be plenty of tunes played on the ones and twos from our resident DJs.

Plus, there will be optional tutored tastings focusing on local brewing hubs Bermondsey, Tottenham and Hackney.

Tickets are £8 for entry and include your first pint.

Agadoo London Beer City Collab

We brewed the north of the river London Beer City collab beer at our brewery underneath Hackney Downs Station with our pals at Pressure Drop and One Mile End, along with brewing superstar Jenn Merrick.

The North London Collab beer is Agadoo, a rich farmhouse saison brewed with El Dorado hops and a half-tonne of Costa Rican pineapples. This is a beer that is juicy, yet dry, brewed with Bohemia pilsner and wheat malt for a light, refreshing summer beer.

We look forward to the Agadoo debut at the London Beer City Opening Party, alongside the collaborative beer filled with Southern Hemisphere hops from our South London counterparts Fourpure Brewing Co., Wimbledon Brewery and Brew By Numbers. You’ll find both beers at many amazing venues throughout London Beer City, as well as the Closing Party at our Warehouse Yard.


Need more beer action? Have a look at the full schedule on the London Beer City website, or check out some highlights in this article from Matt the List. We’ll see you around for the biggest beer week in the country!

13 July 2017

Summer Tap Saturdays at The Five Points Warehouse Yard

We’ve recently launched The Five Points Summer Tap Saturdays at our Warehouse Yard, similar to last year’s Yard Parties but with a bit more punch!

Our Summer Tap Saturdays are taking place every Saturday from 1pm to 8pm throughout July and August, located under our arches and in our yard at The Five Points Brewing Company Warehouse at 61 Mare Street, E8 4RG. Hang out with friends while enjoying beer from Five Points and friends, delicious street food from Capish? or guest traders, and epic tunes from our Five Points Resident DJs.

Each Saturday will have a different theme of events following up on our recent Manchester Comes To Hackney tap showcase, although excellent beer from us will always be in the cards! Here’s the line-up of events we’ve got coming up:

The Five Points Hearts Mason & Company

15 July – Five Points Hearts Mason & Company
We love our little sibling Mason & Company, so we’ve invited our sister bar to curate our guest taps with some of their favourite brewers’ beers (who happen also to be some of ours, so win-win!). Enjoy a brew or two from One Mile End, Cloudwater and Pressure Drop in the cool climate of our railway arch tap bar or on the sun deck in the Yard.

Le Tour de Five Points Summer Tap Saturday

22 July – Tour de Five Points
We are bringing Le Tour to The Five Points by screening the Tour de France in our Yard. Come and watch the racers speed through the streets of Marseille while enjoying Capish? Street Food Sloppy Joe specials–both meat and vegan options! View the Facebook event page or on Eventbrite.


29 July – Five Points Community Day
In partnership with and support of St Joseph’s Hospice, who are hosting their annual Summer Knees Up across the road, we are hosting a Community Day of fundraising for the Hospice as well as holding a good ol’ fashioned East End jumble sale. Plus, legends Oli Baba’s will be taking over the container kitchen with their infamously tasty halloumi fries! See the event on Facebook or Eventbrite to save the date.

Five Points Summer Tap Newer Brewers

5 August – Five Points Presents New Brewers & Beer Talks
For London Beer City, we are proud to be showcasing beer from some of the latest wave of London breweries on our guest taps! Come and meet folks from these exciting new breweries and hear about what’s brewing. Additionally, we will feature panel discussions on topics such as the current state of beer affairs in the UK and how to get a career in beer. See the event on Facebook or Eventbrite.

12 August – London Beer City Closing Party
We are pleased to be hosting the London Beer City Closing Party, which is going to be an even bigger bash than our party for the event last year! Join us as we’ll be pouring beers from all over London on four separate bars. Please note this is the only event in our Yard requiring paid entry. More info on that and how to book tickets here.

There will be more updates to come on the remaining August Summer Tap dates, but it’s always great to keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as the catch-all Facebook Event page for the Summer Tap Saturdays and our Eventbrite page.

Summer Tap Saturdays

With the exception of our London Beer City Closing Party on the 12th of August, our Summer Tap Saturdays at our Warehouse space are free of entry, so rock up, hang out, enjoy some nosh and, of course, drink some excellent beer! We will have a Five Points Brewing Pop-Up bottle shop on site as well for any take-away beers to carry out for the rest of your weekend’s antics as well. Be sure to come along to the start of a superlative way to spend your Saturdays this summer!

6 April 2017

Announcing the Field Day Citrus Pale!

Field Day Citrus Pale from The Five Points

We are excited to once again team up with Field Day to make a brand new beer for the summer festival season!

Our Field Day Citrus Pale will be soon available on keg and in can! Brewed with Mosaic hops along with zest from grapefruits and organic Sicilian lemons, this juicy, zippy pale ale will be a perfect companion for sunny beer gardens, backyard barbecues and (naturally) incredible summertime music festivals. Clocking in with an ABV of 4.2%, the Field Day Citrus Pale is a superlative beer for session drinking and enjoyment, which is perfect because it will be hard to have just one can.

In keeping with the feline vibes from our friends at Field Day, our cans for Field Day Citrus Pale will feature cats pals from The Five Points and Field Day family, so say hello to Astrid, Ludo, Noodles,Polly and Scooby. Each of the cans for Field Day Citrus Pale will feature one of these cool cats, with a mix of all five throughout the range. Collect them all!

Five Points Field Day Citrus Pale Cats

You can get your hands on Field Day Citrus Pale in pubs, bars, shops and other venues soon, but one place you can definitely get it is on Sunday, the 30th of April at Field Day at Dinerama, the massive Field Day warm up party at Street Feast’s Dinerama in Shoreditch! Join us for an incredible all-day affair to celebrate the best in beer from The Five Points, food from Dinerama legends such as Lagom and Yum Bun, and music with DJ sets from Django Django, Kiwi, Erol Alkan, Tim Burgess and others.

Field Day at Dinerama

We hope to see you at Field Day at Dinerama! Tickets are just £8 in advance, which includes your first can of Field Day Citrus Pale on us!

Be sure to get your tickets booked soon for Field Day on Saturday, the 3rd of June, in glorious Victoria Park. We’ll be there with London Brewers’ Market, so there will be heaps of beer from London’s independent breweries to enjoy at the festival.

Keep an eye out for other special events with our Field Day Citrus Pale coming up through our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the beer–and the cats!

PS: Hats off to the incredible Kate Lyons for the purr-fect designs for this new beer.


22 December 2016

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017, a.k.a. Growing Pains


2016 has been an interesting year, on a lot of levels(!), but for us here at The Five Points it’s been one that’s seen us more than double our production from 5,000 hectolitres (or around 900,000 pints), to 12,000 hectolitres – that’s 2.1 million pints, and in the process increasing our team from 10 to 23 full time staff. That rate of growth comes with a certain amount of growing pains!

As a result we are fast running out of space at our brewery in Hackney. We love every nook and cranny of our Victorian railway arch nestled here underneath Hackney Downs Railway Station, and we hope to stay here for many years to come. But realistically we are now at capacity at this site.

In order to continue to brew our beers to the standard we want, and in the quantities that you want, we need to expand. At Hackney Downs we are hemmed in on all sides, and after several months of (currently unsuccessful) negotiation with our neighbours and with Network Rail, sadly it looks like we’ve run out of expansion options at our current site.

So we are actively pursuing expansion plans – after a lot of discussion with suppliers and other brewers we have a new brewhouse manufacturer tee-ed up and we are actively looking for new premises, with a number of possibilities lined up. However this will take time, as we negotiate a new lease and then have equipment manufactured and installed, and so we’ve had to look at options to fill the gap.

After much research and deliberation, we have decided to partner with a family-owned independent brewery in Belgium, which will help us to meet demand on a temporary basis while we finalise our expansion plans. We continue to brew twice a day here in Hackney, but twice a month our Head Brewer Greg will also take the 200 mile trip to Belgium to brew some more of our beer on our partners’ kit. And that’s the important thing for us; while we continue to brew our full range of beers here in Hackney, our top up brews (which is currently some of our draught Five Points Pils) are still being brewed by our own brewers, to our own existing recipe, using our own ingredients.

While we’re a little bit sad that for now we can’t brew every single drop at our own premises, we’re also really excited about our London expansion plans, and teaming up with our new found Belgian friends is really going to help us out of a hole while we finalise those expansion plans here in the UK. Of which there will be more news very soon!

All of us here at The Five Points are hugely grateful for the support we’ve received from all of our customers in 2016. We truly value it. Thank you. And we look forward to sharing news of our development plans in 2017.

15 December 2016

Join our team! Experienced Brewer vacancy

We are Hiring


We at the Five Points have a new full-time role vacant for an experienced Brewer to join our talented team in East London! This new role is based primarily in our Brewery beneath Hackney Downs station, though there will be occasions where one will be based at our Warehouse space on Mare Street close to Broadway Market and Regent’s Canal.

All applicants must have relevant brewing experience in a commercial brewery, which will include an understanding and familiarity with the brewing, fermentation, and CIP processes. All candidates must be passionate about beer and committed to quality and consistency. Applicants with IBD, Brewlab or equivalent qualifications would be ideal. The role involves heavy lifting and manual handling.

The salary will be from £20,800 p.a. depending upon experience. The Five Points will fund and sponsor the successful candidate’s professional training through the Institute of Brewing & Distilling’s structure. Perks include a good amount of Five Points beer, infinite on-site tea and coffee, plus a staff discount at our sister venues Mason & Company, Whitelock’s Ale House and The Turk’s Head.

If this sounds like a role for you, please email our Head Brewer Greg Hobbs at greghobbs@fivepointsbrewing.co.uk to request a full job description. All applications must have “Brewer Application” in the subject heading and all applications must be sent across to Greg Hobbs via e-mail.

The closing date for all applications is Friday, the 20th of January, 2017, however we may begin interviewing suitably qualified candidates ahead of this date, so get your applications in early!

The Five Points Brewing Company is an accredited London Living Wage employer, and an equal opportunity employer.

1 December 2016

Introducing our Five Points XPA cans!


Our new Five Points XPA cans went down a treat at the Christmas London Brewers’ Market! Thanks to everyone who came to our stall to help kick off its launch in this new format.

The Five Points XPA is the new incarnation of our popular collaboration brew for Field Day to celebrate their 10th anniversary this summer, the Ten Points Extra Pale Ale. Brewed with Citra and Galaxy hops, this super sessionable brew clocks in at 4% abv, making it a great choice for casual drinks with friends.

If you missed us at London Brewers’ Market, we are now selling Five Points XPA on our EeBria shop, where you can buy cans of it alongside our other beers and have it delivered right to your door.

Five Points XPA is also available to our trade customers for wholesale purchase in can as well as on keg. Please contact our sales team for more information.

We hope you enjoy this new beer addition to our family of brews!