The Cask Festival Broadcast with The Craft Beer Channel

Streamed live via Facebook & Youtube Sat 27th March 2021 6pm - 10pm

We are teaming up with The Craft Beer Channel to host a live Cask Beer Festival, broadcast to you at home!

There will be live tastings, panel discussions with award-winning authors, industry leaders and head brewers - and a bunch more content, interviews and videos to share with you.

The evening’s line-up will include:

Beer tastings with our Head Brewer, Greg Hobbs

A live panel discussion featuring fellow breweries and beer writers

Discussion on the history of London-style Porter

Features on cask ale in other parts of the world!

A brewday (and first peek) into our new brewery site

And more to be announced!

How to get involved:

Sip along with a Drink Along Box. Each box contains a festival branded half-pint dimple jug and a 5-litre mini-cask: choose from Best, Five Points Pale or Railway Porter.

You can purchase your Drink Along Box from our webshop – we deliver anywhere in the UK, offer free delivery over £50, or you can collect from us in Hackney.

We’ve put together a mixed pack of beers to accompany your cask – check out our Drink Along Mixed Pack here.

Tune in to the Craft Beer Channel live on Youtube or Facebook at 6pm GMT to join the Cask Festival Broadcast!

Other information and add-ons:

A limited number of Cask Festival Broadcast half-pint dimple jugs are available, and will be allocated first come, first served! After these have sold-out, boxes will receive a Five Points branded half-pint Dunkel glass instead.

Cask Festival Broadcast t-shirts will also be available on sale! Choose from two colour options: black or white.

Each of the different beers on offer in a Drink Along Box will be featured live over the duration of the Cask Festival Broadcast. If you’d like to drink the other two beers too, we’ve added a mixed 12-pack to include a variety of our bottles and cans.

Each mini-cask contains 8.8 pints of beer, and should be drunk within 3 days of opening.

Who can take part?

Anyone, anywhere! The live event will be totally free to join in.

To order a Drink Along Box from our webshop, you’ll need to be based in the UK.

Buy your Drink Along Box here!