Field Day Citrus Pale: Getting Fruity with Cat Cans

The logo for Five Points Field Day Citrus Pale with all five cats

We are excited to once again team up with Field Day to make a brand new beer for the summer festival season!

Our Field Day Citrus Pale will be soon available on keg and in can! Brewed with Mosaic hops along with zest from grapefruits and organic Sicilian lemons, this juicy, zippy pale ale will be a perfect companion for sunny beer gardens, backyard barbecues and (naturally) incredible summertime music festivals. Clocking in with an ABV of 4.2%, the Field Day Citrus Pale is a superlative beer for session drinking and enjoyment, which is perfect because it will be hard to have just one can.

In keeping with the feline vibes from our friends at Field Day, our cans for Field Day Citrus Pale will feature cats pals from The Five Points and Field Day family, so say hello to Astrid, Ludo, Noodles,Polly and Scooby. Each of the cans for Field Day Citrus Pale will feature one of these cool cats, with a mix of all five throughout the range. Collect them all!

Five Points Field Day Citrus Pale Cats

You can get your hands on Field Day Citrus Pale in pubs, bars, shops and other venues soon, but one place you can definitely get it is on Sunday, the 30th of April at Field Day at Dinerama, the massive Field Day warm up party at Street Feast’s Dineramain Shoreditch! Join us for an incredible all-day affair to celebrate the best in beer from The Five Points, food from Dinerama legends such as Lagom and Yum Bun, and music with DJ sets from Django Django, Kiwi, Erol Alkan, Tim Burgess and others.!

Be sure to get your tickets booked soon for Field Day on Saturday, the 3rd of June, in glorious Victoria Park. We’ll be there with London Brewers’ Market, so there will be heaps of beer from London’s independent breweries to enjoy at the festival.

Keep an eye out for other special events with our Field Day Citrus Pale coming up through our TwitterFacebook and Instagram accounts. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the beer–and the cats!

PS: Hats off to the incredible Kate Lyons for the purr-fect designs for this new beer