Five Collaborations for Five Years

This Saturday, 21st April, we are celebrating our fifth birthday at our brewery in Hackney. The party, Five Years of Five Points, will raise a toast to five years of brewing in the city we call home and launch five special collab beers, each brewed to mark the occasion.

Renders of the beer cans for Five Points' Five Years collabs


Five years of brewing, five collaborations, five beers launching. Our birthday party this weekend is set to be a big one, with over 3oo of you heading to our brewery underneath Hackney Downs Station to celebrate the occasion. (Sorry: tickets are entirely sold out and there won’t be any on the door unfortunately)

Fortunately, though, we will be releasing the collaboration beers across London and beyond – all on draught and three of them in tallboy, 440ml cans. We really hope you manage to get a taste and we’ll do our best to let you know where they’re pouring and how you can get your hands on them. Our friends over at Mason & Company are hosting a special edition of the much-missed Hangover Lounge this Sunday, and all five beers will be on in the bar then. Check out their event page for more details.

Read on for details about the beers and our collab brewery peers. And, hopefully see you on Saturday!

The Five Points x Lost & Grounded
(Bristol, UK) | Best Bitter, 4.8%

Lost & Grounded has made waves in the UK beer scene with their beautifully crafted, German-Belgian inspired beers since being founded in 2015. But, the inspiration for our collaboration came from the heritage and history of our own beer tradition, here, in the UK. Our Best Bitter is brewed with all British hops and celebrates the wonderful drinkability of a tasty, classic cask ale.

Format: Cask

Hops: Jester, Minstrel & Ernest

Malts: Pils, Golden Naked Oats, Caramalt

The Five Points x Northern Monk
(Leeds, UK) | Birthday IPA, 6.7%

There are countless things to admire about our Leeds based friends Northern Monk. Not least, their accomplishment in weaving together the tradition of old with the progressive approach of today, always illustrated so well in their bold, hoppy pales and IPAs. For this collaboration we wanted to celebrate exactly this, and together, we brewed a big, tropical IPA hopped with experimental Bru-1 Hops. Aromas of mango, cantaloupe and pineapple alongside a smooth, rounded mouthfeel and low bitterness.

Format: Keg and can (440ml)

Hops: Bru-1, Mosaic

Malts: Low Colour Maris Otter, Wheat Malt, CaraPils & Golden Naked Oats

The Five Points x Thornbridge
(Bakewell, UK) | Maibock, 7.5%

Thornbridge’s passion for innovation, quality and beer knowledge over the past 13 years has been a major influence on UK beer culture today – and on our brewery, too! Thornbridge brew continental, European styles so well, and with the coming of Spring it seemed like the perfect time of year to celebrate this. Together, we brewed a Maibock; a Spring celebration lager with a rich malt character which is drank in the month of May (“Mai” in German!)

Format: Keg

Hops: Hallertau Tradition

Malts: Pils, Munich & CaraPils

The Five Points x Wild Beer Co
(Shepton Mallet, UK) Hybrid DIPA, 8.7%

Legendary for their alternative fermentations and unorthodox yeasts, we’ve always been so impressed at the uniqueness, personality and creativity of Wild Beer Co brews. This is the first time we’ve brewed a DIPA, so this collaboration was an opportunity to brew and experiment outside of our normal beer styles, influenced by Wild Beer Co’s skills and expertise, using an unusual, hybrid Kudriavzevii strain in our brew. There’s a gentle spicy Belgian yeast character in the beer, with lush stone-fruit flavours of apricot, peach and mango.

Format: Keg and can (440ml)

Hops: Galaxy, Loral and Eukanot

Malts: Golden Promise and CaraPils

The Five Points x YellowBelly Beer
Wexford, Republic of Ireland) | Baltic Porter, 8.4%

YellowBelly are renowned over in the Emerald Isle for their innovative and bold brews. In addition to their lovely, warm welcome to our launch in Ireland and a friendship going back years, our shared passion for darker beers prompted us to design and brew a Porter. Having made several variations of porter ourselves, we wanted to do something a little different. In our Baltic Porter, we used a cold-fermenting lager yeast strain with a clean, subtle flavour profile to allow all those smooth roasted malts (all 10 of them) to shine.

Format: Keg and can (440ml)

Hops: Tettnang

Malts: Munich, Maris Otter, Brown, Dark Crystal, Wheat Malt, Amber, Light Crystal, Carafa, Special III and Chocolate