Our Fuller’s & Friends Collaboration: Transatlantic Golden Ale

We have teamed up with the esteemed Fuller's brewery, the oldest and largest of London's brewers still operating independently, to celebrate cask ale in their newest Fuller's & Friends collaboration series.

Brewers from Fuller's and Five Points brewing a collaboration

Four brand new Fuller’s & Friends collaboration beers are launching at the London Craft Beer Festival Cask Yard this weekend. Our contribution to the series, Transatlantic Golden Ale, is a 4.6%. fruity golden ale brewed with hops from both sides of the Atlantic.

To complete the collaboration quartet, Fuller’s have also partnered with Tottenham’s Redemption to brew a steam lager on cask, Bermondsey’s Anspach & Hobday to make a vanilla and oat stout, and Bristol’s Wiper & True to create a New England IPA with New English experimental hops.

Transatlantic Golden Ale

Earlier this month, we hosted Fuller’s brewer Jo (pictured, right) at our brewery in Hackney. 

Together, we brewed Transatlantic Golden Ale, hopped with Bramling Cross, a British hop known for its distinctly ‘American’ aromas and flavours (think blackcurrant and lemony citrus) and Mosaic, an American hop which has these similar fruity aromas of berry, citrus and herbal pine. We wanted to create a modern take on the classic summer style that is a golden ale. A beer that suited the summer weather and celebrated the bright, fruity and berry-like characters of these hops from both sides of the Atlantic. 

Fuller’s commitment to beer quality and the wider beer industry has earned them huge respect over the years. It has been incredibly exciting to brew with a company that has been making beer for well over 150 years (founded in their current form in 1845!) – and a brewery that has retained and celebrated their independent identity for all of that time. 

Love Craft Beer LCBF Afterparty
at the Pembury Tavern

Join us after the London Craft Beer Festival Friday session at The Pembury Tavern! All four Fuller’s & Friends collabs will be on the bar plus Fuller’s Vintage Ale and a selection of Five Points beers on cask and keg. The party will kick off when the pub opens at 4pm and will run until late. Keep an eye on the Facebook event page for updates.

Pouring at the Great British Beer Festival

We will also be showcasing our Transatlantic Golden Ale at the Great British Beer Festival. Our very own Five Points bar will be pouring a selection of cask beers and a couple lines of keg beer including our Derailed Porter on cask and keg, and Swinging the Axe, our bretted, barrel-aged, cold-brew coffee infused barleywine. Come and find us for a chat over a tasty beer, or two.