Investor Relations

Thank you so much for your investment in The Five Points Brewing Company. Your support of our company means a great deal to us.


This page contains information on:

1. Investor Rewards

2. Shares & Investments


Please read through the information below as this should answer any questions or queries you have. If you don’t find the answer or help you’re looking for, just give us a shout on [email protected].


1. Investor Rewards

As well as owning shares in our company, every investor is also entitled to a range of rewards, depending upon the amount invested.


Rewards include free birthday pints, lifetime shareholder discounts online and at The Pembury Tavern and Mare Street Taproom, invitations to exclusive shareholder parties and special events, free brewery tours and tastings.


Please see the table below and check your corresponding investor discounts and rewards:


Investor Discounts


How do I redeem my investor discount online?

To redeem your online discount, create an account on our webshop, making sure you use the email address associated with your Crowdcube account or details in our investor database.

Your investor discount will be automatically applied at the checkout, unless you are using it in conjunction with a special promotion, or you are using your online credit (more details on that below).


How do I receive my investor discount in-person?

Every investor is entitled to a lifetime shareholder discount at our current and future Five Points-owned venues. These are currently The Pembury Tavern and Mare Street Taproom. To redeem your investor discount in-person, present your shareholder card at the bar.


When will my shareholder card arrive?

We have posted all shareholder cards to the address we have on file. Please contact us if you are still waiting for yours.


How do I get my free birthday pint?

Please present your Shareholder Card at the bar, alongside your ID showing your birthday, and let the staff know that you’d like to redeem your birthday pint. You can redeem your pint in the week either side of your birthday. After that, you’ll have to wait until next year!


2021 Investor Bar Tabs & Online Credit


For investments made in 2021 of over £100, investors receive up to 30% of their investment back as a bar tab (capped at £1,000 due to EIS rules). Investors who opted for the bar tab will have received an email at the beginning of August 2021, with details on how to register and receive their digital gift card.

If you haven’t received this email (titled “Your Investor Bar Tab Is Ready”) and were expecting to, please email us and we will look into this for you.


How do I start using my investor bar tab?

Investors can use their investor bar tab at The Pembury Tavern, Mare Street Taproom and Whitelock’s Ale House in Leeds. Currently, investors will need to show their digital gift card QR code at the bar in the venues and staff will scan this to deduct your order from your tab balance.

You do not need to use your digital gift card balance all in one go. There is no expiry date.


How can I check my investor bar tab balance?

To check your balance you need your giftcard number and PIN number (you can find these in the email containing your QR code). Check your balance using this link here.


How will I receive my online credit?

If you opted for 10% of your investment back as online credit (rather than the option for bar tab), you will find your online credit pre-loaded as “Investor Credit” in your webshop account. You can see your credit amount, and use it, in the checkout section of the webshop.


Additional Investor Rewards


Investor Brewery Tours: Investors who invested over £500 are eligible for a free brewery tour and beer tasting for themselves and a guest. All eligible investors were emailed mid-November with their unique booking code, valid for two free tickets.

Brewery tour and tasting sessions will be hosted every Saturday, at midday, 2pm and 4pm, and will begin on Saturday 4th December. View available dates and book here.



Annual Shareholder Party: Investors who invested over £1,000 are eligible for an invitation to our annual free beer party for themselves and a guest. We hope to host this party in Spring 2022, and we will be in touch via email to confirm this closer to the date.


Investor Preview Session: We will be hosting a preview session at our new Brewery and Indoor Taproom venue will be Friday 12th November and Saturday 13th November. We will be emailing all investors with the link to book before the event. Tickets will be free, with a maximum of two tickets per investor. If you are unable to make this date, or obtain a ticket, we will have plenty of opportunities to show you the new space. Join us for the Grand Opening Launch Weekend from Friday 19th November.


Taproom Bookings: Table bookings for the Taproom are now open! Book here. Our brand new mezzanine gallery is also available for parties and private hire, please give us a shout at [email protected]


Trial Beer Brewday: Investors who invested over £5,000 are eligible for an invitation to brew a trial beer with our brew team. This we hope to host in Spring 2022, once we are fully settled in to our new combined brewery and showcase venue.


Annual Free Case Of Beer: Investors who invested over £10,000 are eligible for an annual free case of beer. We will coordinate this via our webshop in Autumn every year, and issue each investor a unique code to use on a box of their choice. This also applies to the quarterly free case of beer.


2. Investment & Shares


What type of shares will I receive?

You will receive A Ordinary shares. These are the same shares that the founders and Directors own. Each share carries one vote per share, pre-emption rights in the event of a fresh share issue, and equal rights to a dividend. For all investments up to £20,000, the Crowdcube Nominee scheme will hold the shares on your behalf. Investments of £20,000 and above will be held directly.


Are there tax advantages? What Is EIS?

EIS stands for Enterprise Investment Scheme. The tax advantages through EIS include that 30% of your investment can be claimed back as a refund against your income tax, and that no Capital Gains Tax is payable on the future sale of your shares. There are a number of conditions that have to be met, these include that the shares are held for a minimum of three years. This is a useful Crowdcube summary about EIS.


Can the shares I buy in The Five Points Group Ltd be traded / can I sell my shares at a later date?

We are a private limited company, and in common with all such companies, at present there is no formal public forum for buying and selling shares in the company. However Crowdcube has now launched a secondary share exchange which has the potential to allow shares to be traded and bought and sold on the Cubex exchange. Investors should always rely on their own enquiries and there is more information on the Crowdcube secondary share exchange here.

Shares may also be bought and sold by private arrangement, provided the sale or transfer is conducted in accordance with the company’s Articles of Association, conditions include that the transfer must consist of a transfer of all of their shares to a single third party, and that the Company must be notified of the transfer or sale.


Are we likely to have a future share buyback scheme?

This is a possibility, and it is a future circumstance in which you could sell your shares.


Do my shares entitle me to vote?

All ‘A’ shareholders will be entitled to vote on all matters that require a vote of shareholders. This might be either online or in person.


How do I find my EIS Certificate?

HMRC has issued digital EIS certificated to Crowdcube. You can access your EIS certificate by logging into your Crowdcube account and navigating to
Portfolio > Investments > Five Points 2021 > Documents