Which Five Points Beers Are Vegan?

All Cans & Bottles

All Five Points beers in cans and bottles are always vegan.

All Keg Beer

Five Points beer on draught from a keg is always vegan. Keg beer is poured from taps on a bar – the beer will be carbonated and cold. It’s different to cask beer, which you can read about below.

Cask & Mini-Cask Beer Is Not All Vegan

Not all Five Points cask beer and mini-cask is vegan. This is because, typically, we use an animal derived product to improve the beer’s clarity in our cask ale. The Five Points beers which are not vegan in cask are:

  • Five Points Pale Cask & Mini-Cask
  • Five Points XPA Cask & Mini-Cask
  • Five Points Best Cask & Mini-Cask
  • Brick Field Brown Cask & Mini-Cask
  • Hook Island Red Cask & Mini-Cask

Railway Porter, however, is always vegan on cask.

But, Look Out For Our Unfined Vegan Casks

For selected venues or in certain circumstances, we do produce vegan versions of our beers. Check the badge of the beer, which will say “Unfined” on it if it’s vegan.

Full List

Five Points Pale Can/Bottle/Keg/Mini-Keg – Vegan

Five Points Best Bottle – Vegan

Five Points XPA Can/Bottle/Keg – Vegan

Five Points Pils Can/Bottle/Keg – Vegan

Five Points JUPA Can/Bottle/Keg – Vegan

Railway Porter Bottle/Keg/Cask/Mini-Cask – Vegan

Brick Field Brown Bottle/Keg – Vegan

Hook Island Red Bottle/Keg – Vegan

Old Greg’s Barley Wine Bottle – Vegan

Five Points Pale Cask/Mini-Cask – Not Vegan

Five Points XPA Cask/Mini-Cask – Not Vegan

Five Points Best Cask/Mini-Cask – Not Vegan

Five Points JUPA Cask/Mini-Cask – Not Vegan

Brick Field Brown Cask/Mini-Cask – Not Vegan

Hook Island Red Cask/Mini-Cask – Not Vegan