Green Hop Series Launch at The Pembury Tavern Green Hop Beer Festival

The Pembury Tavern, 90 Amhurst Road, E8 1JH Thu 10th October 2019 – Sun 13th October 2019

For the third year running, we are releasing three Green Hop Bitters to celebrate the hop harvest and the best of British hop growing tradition!

Join us at The Pembury Tavern Green Hop Beer Festival for the launch of these three new cask releases.

Five Points Head Brewer Greg Hobbs and hop farmer Ross Hukins walk between green hops on the bine in Kent

In late-summer each year, we take a trip to Hukins Hops in Kent during the hop harvest, to collect freshly picked hops to brew our Green Hop Bitter series.

Green hop beers use the fresh, undried and unprocessed hops picked from the bines of the hop fields. Straight from field to brew in a matter of hours.

Herbal and aromatic, green hop beers really showcase the unique characteristics of each hop variety. This year we’re releasing Green Hop Fuggles, Green Hop Bullion and Green Hop Ernest.


Flyer for the Pembury Tavern Green Hop Beer Festival

The 2019 Green Hop Series will launch at The Pembury Tavern Green Hop Beer Festival from Thursday 10th October until Sunday 13th October. Alongside the Five Points Green Hop on cask all weekend, we will also be showcasing green hopped beers from breweries across the country!

Beer list to be announced soon. This is a free entry event, so no tickets are needed. 
From 4pm Thursday 10th October.