Five Points Courtyard Spotlight: anoosh

Developed by street food all-stars Jack A. Fargher and Oli Stephen, anoosh is a delicious mash-up of Middle Eastern and Mexican flavours, showcasing a sublime set of tacos and sides to demonstrate how the food of these two cultures work so well together.

Chicken Taco by anoosh

In Armenian, anoosh means “sweet” and is often said when witnessing someone savouring food. In that spirit, anoosh have created tacos designed to delight, from their Lamb Merguez taco with caramelised onion, shatta dill, and aleppo pepper, to an inventive Falafel taco with gochujang tahini, mint, and pomegranate molasses.

Fans of the famed Halloumi Fries of Oli Baba’s will not be disappointed to find that they have made their way onto the anoosh menu, alongside other sides such as Za’atar Chips and Nachos with an anoosh spin: corn chips, avocado, za’atar yoghurt, shatta, pickled chilli, and spiced chickpeas.

We are thrilled to have anoosh as one of the resident kitchens at The Five Points Courtyard, alongside From The Ashes, who are offering nose-to-tail BBQ on site. You can catch anoosh Thursday and Friday evenings, and all day and evening on Saturdays.

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