We are launching in Ireland!

We’re kicking off our new partnership with Fourcorners, the superb Dublin-based distributor of craft beer and cider in Ireland. Five freshly-brewed beers have been collected from our Hackney warehouse, ready to launch on Irish bar tops and shelves in February 2018.

We’re really excited to find our feet in the Irish beer community which, like the UK, we have found to be diverse and welcoming, eclectic and exciting, and bursting with enthusiastic brewing professionals and keen beer drinkers alike.

It’s incredibly important to us that our beers are enjoyed at their best, which is why all of the beers going over to Ireland have been brewed within three weeks of dispatch. Some, like our hop-forward and tropical XPA, will be canned the day before the Fourcorners collection team arrives. Tasty, aromatic and full of flavour beers.

We want to continue to champion independence and beautifully crafted beers, working alongside our peers in the Irish beer industry to bang the drum for well-made and interesting brews. With boots on the ground, of our new Ireland Account Manager Francesca Slattery, we’re fully committed to supporting our accounts and collaborating with other breweries to help see the growing success of the craft/indy industry in Ireland continue to thrive and flourish.

Five Points Presence

In Autumn last year, our London Account Manager Francesca relocated over to Dublin and became our brewery ambassador for Ireland. Since joining the Five Points team over two years ago, her enthusiasm, hard work, and fantastic beer knowledge after successfully becoming Beer Sommelier accredited, have made a significant contribution to the team.

Alongside tasting events, beer and food pairing dinners – and participation in festivals and podcasts – Francesca is on a mission to bring new beer to Ireland’s drinkers, and bring new Irish drinkers to beer. After the Five Points launches in Ireland, she’ll be representing the brewery as she travels all four corners of the country to meet with producers, retailers, educators and drinkers.

A global drink

“For me, beer is nothing but a global drink,” says Francesca. “All over the world right now there are so many diverse and delicious things being brewed which, as a beer drinker, are a joy to explore. To seek out well-made and beautiful beers, and to get behind independent and community-focused breweries, is what it’s all about. Whether it’s produced down the road, or flown over the water, championing quality brews and supporting good businesses is how we see this talented and friendly community of ours thrive. I can’t wait to discover all the delights I know Ireland has to offer.”

The Launch Party

Five Points in Ireland kicks off with a launch party at craft beer beacon The Underdog Pub on Dame Street in Dublin, on Thursday 1 February. Beers will be pouring on cask and keg, alongside some treats from the fridges. Our Director Ed Mason and Head Brewer Greg Hobbs will be flying over for the occasion so it promises to be good craic!

We will also be making our Cork city debut at quality beer house Abbot’s Ale House on Thursday 15 February. Francesca will be there to meet with folks and enjoy a pint or two of the whole range in Ireland, plus a keg of something special.

We’re delighted to be pouring as part of the Fourcorners stand at AllTech Craft Brews & Food Fair in Dublin, 8 – 10 March. We’ll be serving at least 4 of our beers alongside our London pals Beavertown Brewery, and US brewing icons Stone and Ballast Point.

We cannot wait for the Five Points to launch in Ireland. 2018 promises to be a fun one.


Feel free to contact Francesca directly at [email protected] or online @FCSlattery

You can listen to her podcast with the IrishBeerSnob blog here, discussing the challenges and opportunities currently facing us all as beer makers, sellers and drinkers.